Cairn, a HUGE threat




Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to talk about a huge earth page known as Cairn. Cairn is a 2-earth aura cost artifact. It has 60 lp and some super useful traits, stone skin and convert. Before we get into the actual effect, I just want to point out stone skin is super relevant in the current Meta with flame on the constant rise. It cannot be unholy fired or hit with a fireball which is pretty huge. Its arena affect places a cairn counter on it at the start of each of your turns. When a beastie attacks cairn, it removes 1 cairn counter and does 20 damage to the opposing beastie. Now, keep in mind that even if cairn does not have any counters, it still deals 20 damage to the attacking beastie which makes this card so much better than it already is.

Cairns's power allows you to fatigue it to deal 10 damage for each cairn counter on it. This is HUGE. Earth decks tend to have beefy lp beasties, so having beasties to defend cairn as it grows stronger each turn is going to scale the power level significantly. Attacking cairn is at a risk as you will take 20 damage from it, this makes attacking cairn pretty situational for your smaller beasties as it can one shot a decent amount of 1 drops in the game. Cairn gives earth super strong direct target damage to beasties which is super useful. Cairn alone can carry a game against lightning if it gets out early, as the type of advantage against lightning makes this card such a crutch.

Now I do believe with cairn, we will not see a huge amount of lightning in the current metagame as this is a yet another answer to lightning. However, I could be wrong, but the scaling on this card is so brutal, by turn 5 or 6 when cairn has 3-5 counters on it, it's going to be very hard to establish a board, not to mention its 3 per spell book. Also having the option to not only deal damage but also recover target beasties lp equal to the number of counters on cairn x10 is super useful against flame as well since flame decks have the biggest selection in direct damage output. Cairn is going to put a lot of decks in check and I hope people take it seriously. What do you guys think?\


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