CHASSIE-GALERIE! Game changing

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here, and wow, is really all I can say about this card. Chassie-Gallerie was spoiled a couple days ago and for good reason. This has to be one of the most power creep cards we have gotten in a while, and our FIRST dual aura beastie! This card is pretty much 3 cards in one and will shake up the meta–BIG time so do NOT underestimate the power of chasse. Let's dive in!
Base stats alone are very impressive. 100 lp, swings for 60, flying, and unblockable. Holy hell. With nighttime it swings for a massive 100 and with fog has a total of 120 lp. Talk about a tank of a card. However, the effects are where the madness happens!
You can fatigue Chassie to lose 60 lp, then you can remove ONE trait on all opposing beasties until the end of your next turn. This card has a built-in mini 1st anniversary celebration which is pretty crazy. This alone can destroy lightning decks, Im talking to you Quetz! This effect has so much utility and will be used a lot to change the tides of the game!
Chassie's attack effect is bonkers. When it declares an attack and destroys a beastie, all beasties with the same name are also destroyed or that are named snipe. A built-in board wipe for decks that spam the field with same named beasties... Game changer! Chassie will be a top end card that will have people rolling their eyes when its contracted! And its 2 per spellbook..... Seance seems to be the core set of MetaZoo so far as I think it will have the most impact on competitive play due to sheer power and the introduction of dual aura beasties. Prepare to brew/see many unique powerful decks, I'm ready! Are you?

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