Forest elemental! Card of the day

What’s going on casters BurnedByKevin here and today we have some tech that I think will make way into many sideboards!
Forest Elemental is one of those cards you roll your eyes at when it’s contracted. In A format where a lot of decks don’t play a lot of removal besides flame decks, Forest Elemental will make those Quetz decks less scary as well as cosmic and water. Imagine a world where you do not have to worry about your beastie being paralyzed or inflicted with poison or confusion. Well time to wake up and get your sideboards changed, Forest elemental is going to make matches a breeze where opposing casters rely on powerful status effects to take board control. And let’s not forget Forest elemental has spirit, so essentially it’s gonna sit there and do it’s job until it’s taken out by spell removal. Please consider the utility of this little fella, good things come in small packages.
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