GriddleGreaser Pete card of the day!

Hello everyone BurnedByKevin here! And today we have the card of the day! I hope you like bacon as much as I do!
GriddleGreaser Pete gives flame a huge boost in utility and power. A 2 drop early game beastie with fleet, and that can take out things early in game, I’m talking to you grays, Is super useful in the current Metagame. One thing that I love about GriddleGreaser Pete is that he is a instant Frog killer, see you later Loveland frogman! Yes, GriddleGreaser Pete has type advantage against water so is a super nice piece to combat water when flame unfortunately has to. What really is powerful about the bacon boy is that he can inflict 7 burn to the caster consistently. This can punish go wide decks very fast! As a flame player nothing upsets me more when I get a low burn roll on the opposing caster. With griddle greaser it doesn’t matter, even if the opposing caster is burned, it sets there counters to 7. Wow. Also just a little combo for y’all, burn the opposing caster for 7 with Pete, then contract burnout to hit for 70 direct damage ;)
For all my fellow flame casters out there please consider maindecking bacon boy! I promise you , you won’t regret it!
Flame on 🔥

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