Halloween 2022 playable?



Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here, and today I wanted to talk about the soon to be released Halloween promos. These 20 packs promo boxes with a mask included, ship mid-October. Based on the cards we have seen so far on MetaZoo Marketplace these seem to be pretty playable and a new archetype, Artifact Costumes! Now we have only seen a couple of these promos so far just to keep us on our toes but the SPOILER we are showing today is a pretty powerful terra and could make its way into the metagame depending on what all these "Artifact Costumes" do! Halloween,Halloween, allows each caster to contract an artifact costume at the start of their turn from there limbo, Cemetery, or afterlife! That is insanely powerful considering you can contract from ALL zones. So pretty much when these Artifact Costumes are destroyed, they will have use once again. Now, this all comes down to how good the rest are but from what we have seen so far, they seem pretty good! I am glad that MetaZoo makes playable and collectible promos to attract both collectors and players. Keep your eyes peeled for these promos! Did you secure a box or two? Keep grinding, and always remember


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