Hé-no, the anti lightning card?

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I want to discuss MetaZoo's latest spoiler Hé-no


This Beastie is quite interesting to me, Hé-no is a light/lightning card that is also anti lightning. Base stats are average for a 4 drop, but all the power lies in the text box. So essentially anything that is lightning type and has flying, and also not named Hé-no, is dealt 25 damage and automatically inflicted with paralyze. GROSS. Ideally this is meant to stop lightning decks, or even control them. Now we all know Quetz can 1 shot Hé-no, but anyone who plays this is going to protect her. So ideally you always want to have blockers so that her arena affect procs and Hé-no doesn't have the chance to get paralyzed.

Now it's still vulnerable to lightning bolt or lightning split, but if you can keep Hé-no alive you can really put the opposing lightning player in a tough spot. The really unique thing here is that the arena ability sets up for Hé-no to kill any opposing lightning beastie. For example, if an opposing Quetz swings, I block with a beastie I control. Once combat has ended Quetz will be automatically inflicted with paralyze and dealt 25 damage. On my turn, I swing with Hé-no it takes no damage because of paralyze, and due to its attack effect, Quetz is destroyed. You don't even need to be playing lightning storm either.

In my opinion as of now, this is sideboard tech. As putting this in main deck not knowing if people are playing lightning seems like a waste unless there is some other supporting Beastie Deity support, we haven't seen yet. nonetheless Hé-no will have a spot somewhere, I just think for now it's in the archive for the decks that can play it.

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