How to become a better competitive player

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to touch up on some things, that I think new players wanting to move up the bracket should know to be successful on their competitive journey.
You will not win every game.
I think a lot of people need to realize you cannot win them all. MetaZoo has a lot of variables when it comes to the game of MetaZoo. Sometimes the odds are in our favor, sometimes they are not! If you lose a game take it as a learning experience and think of what you could have done better. Now, this doesn't take into account of the games where you don't draw any aura that's just bad luck... or shuffling lol. Shake your opponent's hand and say good game. A humble player is a great player never forget that!
Realize you will need to spend some $$$
Wanting to become a competitive player, you'll need to learn that you will have to spend some money to get some staple cards that will aid your game. Thankfully none of the staples are worth hundreds you are looking around 20-70 bucks at most, but once you have them, you are golden! Some of the super powerful cards are earlier promos from when MetaZoo just started so grab them while they are still cheap! But be comfortable knowing you will have to spend money here and there on singles and even tournaments as well. Some tournaments are in a different state so sometimes you got to grind for some cash to clash with the best of the best! It's all for the love of the game and competitive players.
You will have to study what decks are being played and what cards are performing well from recent tournaments. Just like for a test, the more you study the better you'll be likely to pass. This gives you an insight on her to counteract cards and how to sideboard against them as well. Alot of the times players will have to reread cards to make sure they have a full understanding of what the card does. Sometimes MetaZoo words cards in a weird way that can make or break the game.
Be Humble
Be a humble player and take what comes to you. Good sportsmanship is always appreciated in any game. It's things like that where people will look up to you for being kind. Being a humble player also makes you play better. With a clear mind you can make better players for those technical times. I hope these tips aid you along the way of your competitive journey. As always...

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