Its beginning to look a lot like Metamas!

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to go over SOME of my favorite cards from the new Christmas set! This is PART 1:


                                    On the sixth day of Metamas…


Holy hell, this card is ABSURD. Any tcg with resource ramp is always good. Dark is relatively slow, especially being a heavy 3 drop flooded aura type. This spell is going to accelerate the deck and make some really interesting plays for dark, and dark archetypes. Technically speaking you could splash this into other decks to pop off neutral pages or to pay some neutral cost. This will accelerate all hallows Eve by 2 turns. Meaning turn 5 you could hallow Eve, but I don’t think popping it off early will benefit you as there might now be much to grab with hallows Eve. But it will ensure late game you can Hallows Eve and play something else. Turn 1 promo Mothman is going to be super devastating, already putting your opponent on a bad tempo with its ability is going to be annoying to deal with, and an early game crystal killer. The list goes on, but those to name a few. If you happen to have a chance to grab one, grab 2! 


                                        On the first day of Metamas…

Now this is something that really caught my eye. Now we can all agree casters can win games just because the opposing caster doesn’t have an answer to a turn 1 crystal/crystals, being able to play pages that were meant for turn 4 or 5, on turn 2 is game ending sometimes.

This spell essentially is a crystal tutor/ramp, but this grabs from anywhere. Meaning, spell book, limbo, afterlife anywhere. This is pretty huge. Just imagine grabbing a chaos crystal over and over when it’s destroyed. I do want to point out though this “Loop” only works if you have gaasy of course. Still pretty good without gaasy since you can fetch a crystal regardless, but gaasy being able to grab it is going to add fuel to the ever-ending fire! P.s Fetching a Chaos crystal sounds nice...



                                      MetaZoo Hanukkah Ornament…


This is a gigantic aura ramp. And it has 100 LP for a 2-drop artifact. And I absolutely love it. This is going straight into my Embedd the soul deck. This is gonna be huge when it comes to grabbing your combo pieces more consistently without relying on Sam’s scarf for aura reduction. (Only if you play the Embedd the soul deck) If it’s your normal light deck this card is still great, plenty of ways to protect this with light. Imagine a double dragon of Oconto falls, or a couple light elementals and a Powerup red, or even contracting a big neutral page. Absurd aura ramp without the cost of fatiguing your own aura. You are rewarded for protecting it. This card is super good, and will see play I’m sure now and moving forward! What are your thoughts?


Cast on!

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