Koguhpuk, the big beater!

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to talk about Koguhpuk, Dr Cards spoiler, that was showcased some days ago. Let's dive right in!
This boy is a TANK. At first glance, you notice the high lp of 150, and two relevant traits, burrow and regen! This is the first beastie we have that has burrow and regen in one. It's a pretty nasty duo and having the high lp will make it somewhat harder to kill. I can see the balance with its arena affect, where if a page effect unburrows it, it loses 50 lp, ill like to note though if you plan on doing that, your plan should be to destroy it the same turn! And you can bet to see this card in most, if not all worm decks as this will get most of its benefit of the lp gain for every other beastie with burrow and given the fact that worms can search and swarm fairly quickly, I can ideally see this coming out with at least 190 lp.
The other part of the arena affect is a control factor for those faster paced decks. Each caster can only contract 1 beastie a turn. This puts a slowdown on cosmic decks or any decks that can get out fairly quickly. However, given this is a 5 drop, it may not matter so much when it's out unless your opponent is behind then it's pretty much locked, and you will have the tempo there. 
The attack effect is essentially to me, a mirror breaker, or just a relevant way to destroy multiple beasties that have burrow. So, in that scenario, if burrowed becomes even more relevant in this set, the attack affect will be huge for board control.
Now, if you are playing worms, you should be playing ground terra or you're doing it wrong. Ground terra takes ice worms out of earthquake range, and also not being 1 shot by laser beam upgrade, but for this bad boy, just a beefier lp and a much more appealing attack, and let's not forget that high frozen counter of 6! I know on paper Koguhpuk is scary, but just like every other page, there are many answers to this, and even something as simple as your burrowed trait beasties attacking this, or even daytime terra can make this beastie hit for 0. The rest ill let you all figure out, but just know we haven't seen half of native and what is to come.
Cast on!

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