Play Testing Correctly

Hey Casters, it’s Kevin here, or BurnedByKevin! Today I wanna talk about playtesting and how to make sure you are using your time wisely when it comes to preparing for a big event! And 3..2…1.. gooo
The first thing everyone should do is analyze what decks are being played, and what decks are performing well/consistent. With information like this you know what the majority of the field might play and or what to expect going into a big event. Knowledge is power. 
(But how is this information useful?)
This gives you the opportunity to adjust a deck or two that you are working on to combat the field of “Meta” decks. Something as simple as a splash or even playing a secondary aura can really give you an edge to close out those mirrors.
(What about the side deck?)
Side decks are pretty diverse as most people may have one or two of the side deck staples, but the rest of the side deck is free game. Your side deck is just as important as your spellbook. This gives you the opportunity to be creative and really shake things up game two. Either siding in hate cards, or even converting into a whole different deck really makes game 2 more of a technical game. This is all based on what’s being played in the current “Meta”.
(Playtest against all aura types)
Expect the unexpected. There will be always a select few who will bring a spicy brew that nobody knows about, even though they think there won’t be something special. For example, the casters cup had the torrential Gaasy deck that made top 8, that was not expected at all. A perfect example of a brew/rogue deck. Your deck has to be able to do well against all decks. Notice how I said good and not beat. Because of aura type advantage in MetaZoo, sometimes you lose purely based on type advantage. But if you can manage to do well against the opposing type and I’m talking 40/60 ratio or even 50/50 that’s still better then scooping  In a match like critters vs flame.
A well balanced deck that has answers to the majority of the field is what you wanna steer towards. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments, even if that means you cannot play your favorite card.
(Overplaying/Time management)
A lot of players make the mistake of playing to much in preparation for a big event. Set a realistic goal for yourself. 2-3 hours a day I think is a solid start for newer players, but competitive/pro players I know can crank about 4-8 hours a day playtesting. As long as you are playtesting efficiently and with someone who also knows how to play the game, your time spent won’t be wasted. Always remember to take breaks and do things you love. Over stressing yourself can lead to bad deck building and last minute decisions that might make or break your game.
(Lock it in)
I typically think locking in what deck you are playing 2 weeks out or so is ideal as you’ll have all the time to relax and really use this time to observe your current work.  Being well rested and not stressing about your deck is really gonna help your mental game when the time comes to contract spells. Now minor adjustments to the deck a couple days before isn’t a bad thing if you wanna go with your gut, but stick the the original plan of your deck to avoid once again stressing yourself out.
(At the end of the day it’s just a game)
Remember you might have the biggest advantage in a match of MetaZoo, but like many other things in life, it can’t always go your way. There’s a lot of probability in MetaZoo, I’m talking to you die rolls.. or drawing no aura, or maybe to much aura. Don’t let these things fluster you just accept it scoop up your cards shake your opponent's hand ggs. A humble player is a great player. I hope this article was useful to some or even a good read to others. That’s all for today, have a great day and may your opening hand be lethal!

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