Possession Aura, this is what two colored decks needed





Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to talk about Possession Aura, the new special aura type spoiled by MetaZoo a couple days ago! This card first of all is aesthetically pleasing to look at, with that amazing holo pattern pop, but the card itself is super playable and is what two colored decks needed. The card reads, you may fatigue this aura page at any time to generate 1 aura of any aura a basic aura page would generate in the arena. That is crazy good, so this means if you have 1 flame aura out and 1 dark aura out and play Possession Aura, you essentially have the option to choose 1 flame aura or 1 dark aura to generate, which correlate's to having 2 flame aura or two dark aura in a sense. This makes it much safer to play two colored decks without worrying about drawing that color as long as you have one of each on board. Now we of course have prism aura already as the best special aura at the moment, but this adds a little more utility for the aura. Now I am not sure if I would play 2 possession aura in the same deck as 2 prism aura, since they do not really work together, but I do think 1 possession aura in a deck with 2 prism aura will help a lot! Now the other neat thing about Possession aura is that it's an arena ability. Meaning this also can make a copy of your opponents aura. This will for sure open up some really good sideboard options as we start to figure out what colors are being played in Seance the most! Those mirror matches will just benefit each other! Those are my thoughts on possession aura at the moment and I appreciate you taking the time to read this article! If you want to support me and also get a discount on Seance product use my code BurnedByKevin to get 10% off your MetaZoo needs! 


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