Seance spoiler, Casey jones, rise of spirit/flame decks

BurnedByKevin here, and here we are a day closer to seance release and I cannot be any more excited! Today we have another powerhouse of a card that will have everyone loving trains. 
Casey jones is going to give spirit/flame archetype a huge boost in needs in sheer power and another outlet in winning games. Base stats are OK, but this is a card that is meant to be fragile due to its power. Having fleet and the spirit trait gives it evasion so you are guaranteed to at least hit your opponent for 100 damage on contract, assuming you send your ghost train to the afterlife. This card is going to open up a lot of wacky but powerful combos/loops that will be sure to be talked about. Let's not forget its 2 per spell book. 
I love the fact now we are getting true interaction for the spirit type, and by that, I mean overall value. Spirit aura type alone has been lacking for many sets and are most beneficial when splashed into other archetypes. This card is treated as flame and spirit, so you have interactions from both types. 
As I mentioned before, seance seems to be a sheer power set, and with that most likely giving every aura type VERY powerful OP cards. I think this is very healthy for the Metagame so more decks can be used and be viable. And who doesn't love the fact ghost train is getting some love??
Be on the lookout for more spoilers! I will be sure to talk about them in the near future as they roll out!
Always remember and never forget...

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