Why you should be on/create a Team

Hello everyone! BurnedByKevin here, today I wanted to talk about the importance of being on a team, or even creating your own! Let's get started!
If you are an experienced player, or just a beginner, being a part of a team can help you and the way you see cards differently. Having a group of open-minded people who can all give opinions on certain cards or decks can really help aid you in terms of deck building, and sifting out cards that aren't really meant to shine yet. Being able to playtest with people you know, or just talk about the field helps so much in terms of growth for all players. If you surround yourself with people who are just as hungry as you, you ALL will eat! Being on a team is also great exposure for yourself and your peers. This can lead to many connections believe it or not and might even get you a sponsorship, if you are willing to work! If you see yourself being on the MetaZoo train for the long haul, find/create a team!
Another benefit of being on a team is having access to a big card pool. Think about it, if you all play MetaZoo you are all opening product and can trade or even give your teammates cards they need, without relying on the market or ripping, in hopes of pulling what you need. It will be easier to get playsets of playable cards and just save you the trouble. 
Another benefit is growing as a competitive player. In playtesting, it can be super technical depending on your team playtesting ways. There are many ways to playtest with teammates, open hand, turn guidance if your teammate makes a play that isn't the best for that time, you can correct and show them the better play. Little things like that can break bad habits and create good habits. Sometimes playtesting can feel like a top 8 match as you all are playing as if you were in tournament play, this could be stricter and not allow fixing of misplays, sometimes this is needed to break bad habits or incorrect sequencing. From someone who is one a team, you should never get upset when you are playtesting with your teammates, anything that happens in that room is better to happen there then in actual gameplay, like tough mulligans or sheer luck since MetaZoo has so many variables. See it as a class, show up and do the work, and study.
And lastly, you are as successful as your team! Not all the time will you top major events, but maybe your teammates do, they did their part, and you did yours by playing your best and knowing you took part in practice. When one person wins, you all win! If you are considering joining or creating a team, do it! It's worth it, and Friendships really help in this game we call MetaZoo.

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