ProCaster Profile - Kevin Perez

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Kevin Perez (MZO) - Denver, CO


My Name is Kevin Perez, aka BurnedByKevin. Currently reside in Colorado but my home is Orlando Fl! I’ve always loved TCG’s and MTG was my first one I played competitively. I was just your local LGS grinder, so having experience it was pretty easy to pick up MetaZoo, and once I did I fell In love with the game and the community. Not to mention it’s an honor to be an MZO for the game and to help others! And as always, I stick to my roots, Burn burn burn. You’ll 99% of the time see me playing some sort of Flame variation deck, and it will always be that way! Let’s work together and continue to grow this community and the Game. MetaZoo to the moon baby.

Cast on!!